Rockstar Of The Month: Clayton Barton

Rockstar Of The Month: Clayton Barton

This month’s Rock Star is Clayton Barton! Clayton is currently attending his senior year at Franciscan University and is earning his MBA in International Business. Clayton just came back from studying abroad in Europe for a semester, and now has been currently involved in data and social media Administration here at Launch Local. Clayton’s hard work and creativity has helped bring great ideas to the team as well as benefited the company in many ways. He is self-motivated and does what it takes in order to get any task accomplished.

Clayton has been working at Launch since the beginning of summer, and is leaving to start his next semester in school within the month. During the summer, Clayton has been in charge of data configuration for our clients as well as maintaining the social media for the company daily. Clayton has been great at his position and he excels at whatever task you throw at him.

“Launch Local has helped me think business in a different sense than traditional cookie cutter version of business. They forced me to think outside of the box.” said Clayton. At Launch Local, we make you see big picture and you have to use your creativity as well as determination in order to succeed in our company.

Clayton’s goals in life are to manage Fortune 500 companies and travel the world. He’s looking to gain more experience in all aspects of business and looks forward to his future in International Business.


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