Launch Local, Inc. honors their valued team member Sean Chenard, who has excelled within the company in such a fast pace.

Sean Chenard, a graduate from Penn State Behrend with a degree in Marketing, has become a valuable team player for Launch Local Inc! He is the oldest of 4 and has always put his family first before anything in his life. Sean was previously in Product Management at Zurn for 10 years before coming to Launch Local Inc. When asking Sean why he joined the Launch team he said, “I was interested the second I saw the sports and entertainment marketing. I didn’t know exactly what it was all about, but then when I met with Linda, I learned more about the opportunities for growth and development as a business leader and potential business owner.”

Sean has been with Launch Local Inc. for a little over a month now and has been a part of many fan appreciation programs such as the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, Lake Erie Crushers, Washington Wild Things, Youngstown Phantoms, etc. He has been successful with every program day in and day out, which shows his community involvement and dedication to our awesome clients. Sean brings his enthusiasm and outgoing personality to the team as well as his positive and winning attitude. He always seems to be optimistic in every situation and is very much so a team player!

“The biggest thing I like is that I’m face-to-face with the community”, Sean said. He shows how much he loves being involved in the community with his excitement that he brings to the team every day! Some of the goals he has created for himself are personal growth and development in business; also he is looking to expand, grow, and develop the brand name of Launch Local with customers, potential candidates, and the general public. Advice Sean has for inspiring other Launch Local associates is, “What I’ve come to find at Launch Local is that no dream or vision is non-achievable. Do not let society dictate your future and what the possibilities in your life are. There is no limit.”


About Launch Local, Inc.

Launch Local, Inc. has gained widespread recognition for their leadership in the event-based advertising sector serving sports, entertainment, and leisure clients of all types and sizes. Using a unique interactive model combined with exceptional promotions channels, the firm builds connections between clients and highly-targeted audiences to generate high conversion rates. Their dynamic consumer events offer the public exclusive incentive packages that give their clients an edge over the competition. Each campaign is deployed by a skillful group of marketing specialists who receive advanced training and coaching to develop an intuitiveness and expertise that they use to achieve high investment returns. To find out more about the firm, consult

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