Let’s face it: from time to time we all want to procrastinate. Even the most driven and organized people occasionally want to slack off a little bit. However, this isn’t always an option. At Launch Local, we have certainly been faced with this conundrum a few times. Here are a few strategies we’ve employed for overcoming a desire to put off work.


  • Get Started Early: As a general rule, waking up and getting started early will help you dive straight into your work. Also, getting even a small amount done right away will set you up to be productive.
  • Make Lists:Often, a sense of being overwhelmed is a root of procrastination. Simply making a to-do list can help alleviate this.
  • Take Small Steps:Get started right away with the simplest possible task you can. Then take on another simple task. This will quickly build momentum.
  • Start with the Bad Stuff:Sometimes it is best to just get the most dreaded tasks out of the way. That way the rest will be much easier.
  • Beat the Clock:Make a game in which you strive to beat the clock. Give yourself a time limit to get things done and see if you can top it.
  • Voice Commitments:Make a clear and verbal commitment to someone else that you will accomplish a task within a certain amount of time.


These techniques are excellent ways to help stave off procrastination. They have worked for us at Launch Local many times, so we recommend them to anyone struggling to find motivation.

Launch Local Inc.

Launch Local Inc. is an industry leader in sports and entertainment marketing in the Eastern Ohio as well as the Western Pennsylvania region.  Unique marketing techniques provide solutions for major and minor sporting teams, restaurants, spa’s, resorts, and golf courses among many other companies across the tri-state area.  Whether it’s getting people in the stands or acquiring new customers, the results speak volumes for advertisers and customers alike.

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