PRESS RELEASE: Launch Local Explains Nine Elements for Great Leadership in Any Business

PRESS RELEASE: Launch Local Explains Nine Elements for Great Leadership in Any Business

Team members at Launch understand that leadership is not a one-dimensional concept. It involves a combination of several elements like open communication, the ability to inspire others, and providing a good example. Review these eight elements of great leadership and see how you can apply them to your own professional development.

  1. Connecting Surround yourself with good people and invest time in relationships. Your leadership takes a personal twist that extends beyond your strengths in business.
  2. Empowerment Build confidence in others and increase the admiration you receive from those around you.
  3. Character Embrace honestly, integrity, and treat others well so team members can trust you and want to follow your example.
  4. Questions Admit you do not know all the answers and give your supporting cast credit when they help you. Humility also reassures your team.
  5. Efficiency Act on your goals rather than just talk about them. Your actions will always speak louder than words so build the future—do not just discuss it.
  6. Recognition Give those who work for you credit when they work hard and secure good results.
  7. Value See yourself as a servant who brings value to colleagues, clients, and the organization. It shows you care and sincere motivation drives your leadership.
  8. Communication Talk and listen as people may have perspectives or concerns you have not considered. Leaders believe communication is a two-way street—not a dictatorship where one barks orders and the other follows.
  9. Vision Sharing your vision effectively inspires followers. Strength of purpose encourages confidence in those around you who may require persuasion that your vision is sound.   Fortunately, we can all learn and emulate these traits. It involves finding the best within you to become the kind of leader who makes a difference. The best achieving companies are powered by effective leaders. Joining that elite set is only a matter of self-reflection and positive action. Take steps today to develop these gifts in yourself.

Launch Local Inc.

Launch Local Inc. is an industry leader in sports and entertainment marketing in the Eastern Ohio as well as the Western Pennsylvania region.  Unique marketing techniques provide solutions for major and minor sporting teams, restaurants, spa’s, resorts, and golf courses among many other companies across the tri-state area.  Whether it’s getting people in the stands or acquiring new customers, the results speak volumes for advertisers and customers alike.

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