Just about every business leader is well-versed on the relationship between passion and success. We at Launch believe that this concept is important; without necessary interest or drive, it’s incredibly difficult to muster up the energy it takes to achieve your goals. If you’re having trouble tapping into your passion, or honing in on your purpose, take these steps:

  • Find Your Niche: Of course you want your work to be interesting and fun. Instead of looking at it as turning a hobby into a career, for instance, identify your unique interests and quirks and think about how they can create or transform a company by adding value or meeting an unmet need.
  • Establish Your Goals: No matter what your role is, or in which industry you specialize, goals matter. Without them, you will float along without ever really accomplishing anything significant. Long-term goals should mirror your ultimate mission, and short-term goals should represent milestones to help you assess your progress along the way. Attach rewards to them for even greater motivation.
  • Adjust Your Perspective: According to Helen Keller, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” Our team members at Launch agree with these wise words. If you want to enjoy yourself, be sure to maintain a positive attitude and enjoy what you do. A negative attitude will quickly diminish your passion. With the right niche, clearly defined goals, and an optimistic attitude, you can foster that critical relationship between your passion and your success. Good luck, from our team to yours!


Launch Local Inc.

Launch Local Inc. is an industry leader in sports and entertainment marketing in the Eastern Ohio as well as the Western Pennsylvania region.  Unique marketing techniques provide solutions for major and minor sporting teams, restaurants, spa’s, resorts, and golf courses among many other companies across the tri-state area.  Whether it’s getting people in the stands or acquiring new customers, the results speak volumes for advertisers and customers alike.


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