Launch Local, Inc.’s Tips for Building Relationships

Launch Local, Inc.’s Tips for Building Relationships

Talking to strangers is probably the most intimidating aspect of the networking process. At Launch Local, Inc. our team approaches it with confidence. To improve a building relationship skillset, we suggest putting the following strategies to good use.


Right after you shake a potential contact’s hand or greet them with a friendly hello, go straight into revealing something about yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly fascinating; you might just share what you’re hoping to gain from the conversation. When people are given quick context in this way, they are put at ease right from the outset of the interaction.


We at Launch Local, Inc. also suggest asking open-ended questions that are easy to answer. Do not ask something that leaves the conversation at a standstill, so inquire about interests or something similar. This shows that you are genuinely interested in the other person without prying too much.


Current events also provide plenty of good fodder for interesting conversations. Be sure to avoid sensitive topics, but feel free to bring up local sports teams or recent weather events that will hold people’s interest. Our team members at Launch Local, Inc.  have found that this is typically the best way to allow a discussion to naturally unfold.


We hope you will remember these suggestions the next time you are working on building relationships and networking.


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