Launch Local, Inc.: Lessons Learned from Paper Routes

Launch Local, Inc.: Lessons Learned from Paper Routes

Here at Launch Local, Inc. we like to read the stories of high achievers, especially those who’ve managed to work their ways into the billionaire’s club. There are a number of common themes to the life stories of the mega-wealthy, one of which is that they often embraced their passions for business at young ages. At Launch Local, Inc., we note that Warren Buffett, John C. Bogle, and T. Boone Pickens all had paper routes as children, for example. Here are some common lessons young entrepreneurs learn that can be applied to a business venture no matter how old you are.

• Value is Not About Age: Increasing the worth of your offering is not about being a certain age, but about going above and beyond what is required. Providing more than is expected of you is how you add value.

• Sometimes Less is More: When delivering papers, it’s easy to get overextended. Increasing the number of customers can decrease the amount of value a salesperson is able to add. When increasing your customer base, be careful not to decrease your level of service.

• To Encourage Sales, Remove Risk: Newspaper subscriptions often come with money-back guarantees. Letting subscribers know about them up front increases sales. If you want to see a surge in your endeavors, find a way to reduce any potential hazards of doing business with your firm.

These are strategies extremely prosperous entrepreneurs learned as youngsters, but we at Launch Local, Inc. are certain they will work effectively for any founder, any time. Give them a try and see for yourself!

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