Launch Local, Inc. Explores the Three Differences between High Performers and Workaholics

Launch Local, Inc. Explores the Three Differences between High Performers and Workaholics

At Launch Local, Inc., we understand the importance of hard work and determination. We would not be leaders in this industry if it weren’t for the strong work ethic of our team. However, there is a difference between being a high-performing team member and a workaholic. There must be some balance in life, and today we are looking at three ways that high performers achieve that goal.

  1. Know Your Value

One of the key differences between a high performer and a workaholic is that high performers understand what they are worth. They understand their talents and abilities, and they realize that their time is valuable. They know when to turn down a project because it doesn’t fit their skills or schedule. Workaholics, however, continually look for validation from external sources (bosses, colleagues, or friends). For this reason, they rarely turn down work because they don’t want to appear weak or unable to complete a task.

  1. Pick Your Moment

High performers know that they don’t possess endless time and energy, so they allocate these things wisely. They know when to turn up their work rate to finish important tasks and projects. Workaholics try to do everything all the time, which inevitably leads to burnout.

  1. Focus on Valuable Work

Just as high performers know how to focus their energy, they also know where to focus it. They spend their time working specifically on meaningful projects that will lead directly to their success and the growth of their business. Workaholics, on the other hand, perform many meaningless tasks and busy work; they fill up all of their time with work, but it rarely leads anywhere.

Launch Local, Inc. encourages our team to work hard, but to also work smart. We maintain a successful work-life balance by focusing on tasks that advance the mission of our firm. By following this valuable advice, you can build your performance to truly stand out from other team members on a daily basis.

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