Press Release: How To Improve Your Learning Skills With Launch Local Inc.

Press Release: How To Improve Your Learning Skills With Launch Local Inc.

At Launch Local, we take leadership skills seriously. Leading an organization is not just about managing resources, but relationships. Weak leadership creates an atmosphere of stress that decreases productivity and increases turnover, impacting both morale and profitability.  A recent survey showed that almost 40% of American workers give their leadership a C or below when it comes to management skills. The most common complaints were about leadership style, with bosses being described as micro-managers, power trippers, or never around when they’re needed.

Researchers speculated that one of the most likely reasons for such a high rate of dissatisfaction comes from a lack of management development. As part of the survey, managers were asked about the amount of coaching they received before promotion, and fully 80% said they received no formal coaching whatsoever.  Also, researchers noted that in many organizations, communication only flows in one direction: from manager to associate. This means that managers lack the feedback to adjust their leadership style.

For organizations that take workplace satisfaction seriously, efforts should be made to either implement or strengthen management coaching programs. More importantly however, research shows that people want to be valued as individuals. Business leaders need to be willing and able to adjust their leadership styles to fit the needs of each team member. Also, channels of communication that flow from associates to managers – without fear of reprisal – would help individuals feel more engaged with their work and supported by their organization.   Use this information to develop a more productive, satisfying work environment through better management at your organization.

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