Launch Local, Inc.’s Unique Concept

Launch Local, Inc. has become the premier no-cost advertising firm in the mid-west because of our proven -effective promotions that deliver a consistently high return on investment. We apply a unique concept and progressive approach that results in higher profitability, enhanced brand awareness, increased customer loyalty for our clients, and stimulates economic growth in the region.

Our broadly-talented team of business-to-business marketing executives and event coordinators begins each campaign by consulting with the client and learning the unique features of their brand and understanding their growth goals. By focusing their efforts on customization for each individual client, our team ensures their utmost satisfaction every time.

At the core of our approach is our sophisticated geo-targeting system  that allows us

to narrow our focus to a particular zip code, county, or region. Through this system, we are able to develop promotional plans that zero in on the most receptive audiences and then send our brand representatives to promote our clients’ brands in specific communities. Honing in on the ideal audience in this way leads to meaningful connections between brands and customers that deliver high conversion rates.

We maintain ongoing communication with our clients to protect the integrity of each campaign and communicate feedback from the public to remain flexible in our approach as the campaign progresses. Our firm takes pride in forging lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships between clients and customers, so we continually ensure that customers are receiving top-notch service and interacting with exciting brands in the most effective ways possible.

Hands down, Launch Local, Inc. offers the most effective no-cost advertising results in the industry.

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