Sports and Leisure Promotions

Our firm is an industry leader in sports and entertainment marketing, creating larger community bases from existing and new demographics. We drive consumer acquisition and brand recognition for spas, luxury resorts, golf clubs, restaurants, and a wide range of professional sports teams.

Dynamic Events and Fundraising

We are experts in how to drive traffic through appreciation and fundraising events. Our professional brand representation is ideal for connecting local businesses to sports and entertainment franchises through in-person events.

Brand Launches with Confidence

Launch Local, Inc. provides fast-paced, effective, direct advertising campaigns that meet the expectations of our local community. Our interactive techniques are delivered by our team of top performers and guided by our commitment to the community. We provide exceptional service in the areas of event coordination, appreciation events, public relations campaigns, outreach programs, and brand enhancement.

Launch Local, Inc. Serves Premier Clients

Launch Local, Inc. represents some of the biggest brands in the nation through our dynamic, event-based promotions. Through thorough research we help our clients tap into new local markets which in turn supports our local community. We follow up by sending our promotional experts to communicate with the public to generate increased brand awareness. Our hands-on approach leads to boosted bottom lines and sharpened public profiles for clients of all sizes.

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